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Tree Drag

Peek at some stills from the drag. Documentation coming soon.

New Life - Saatchi Gallery, 13th Aug. 2021

Solo show involving rotting things, part of an oak tree, a nesting box, a mop and enlightenment.

Focus - Fold Gallery, 17th to 21st Aug. 2021

A collection of works looking at the relationship between capitalism, earths resources and fungal networks.

My Fault - Giardini, Venice Biennale 2019

Multiple performances highlighting lack of environmental action amongst Giardini visitors.

Man Of War - Palazzo Pesaro Papafava, Venice Biennale 2019

Short film involving a stranded jellyfish showing at Venice, Palazzo Pesaro Papafava.

Artwork denied by developers

A monument to the last enclave of wilderness and biodiversity in the local area, this intervention in Dalston was white washed by Bellway's site management.

Old Wood New Life - A work in progress

Observations of three tree samples and the evolving landscapes that they are.

Priceless - Fifth Third Bank/Warner Norcross & Judd, USA

This work has been made from £1000.00 of recycled sterling; shredded five pound notes fit for landfill or loft insulation. Priceless info.

Dalston Reflections - Installation, London

Five shopfronts appear to be empty space. View the artwork, inspect the building it is installed in and reflect on your place in the new Dalston. 'Dalston Reflections' is located on Stoke Newington High Street, opposite the junction with Arcola Street. Map. Exhibition runs April 26 - July 30, 2013.

Times Square - Exhibition, New York

I'm very pleased to announce my artwork named 'Complex Megadisaster' will be exhibited on a 21 ft by 12 ft LED sign in Times Square as part of the Art Takes Times Square exhibition. Commences June 18th 2012.

Full Rabbit - Exhibition, London

UK leg of the British Council supported collaboration. Solo and collaborative work involving nine artists from China and ten from the UK. Shorditch Town Hall Basement Vaults, February to March 2012. More info here and here.

Half Rabbit - Exhibition, Platform China, Beijing

Exhibition involving Sui Jianguo, Jun Yuan and Ding Xin in the new 'Local Whispers' and UK artists from Audio Architecture. For more info see 'Rabbit Sequence' and 'The Wall' exhibited at Half Rabbit - Platform China Institute of Contemporary Arts.

Facade Concept - Medan Mara, Kuala Lumpur

Kinetic sculpture on a massive scale. Powered by the wind, it produces subtle sounds and stunning visual patterns across the facade of the Medan Mara. More info.

Testing The Wheel - Publication, AARCH-005CD and Vinyl

The first recorded works following a decade of experimentation. These early compositions aim to refine and define several methods in generative music making. More info.