Alexis Bamforth/Experimenter is a British artist who uses traditional and emerging technologies to explore relationships between the natural world and social and economic systems. His work is evolved from Conceptual, Land and New-Media Art movements and uses materials together with modes of reactive expression to straddle sound, image and sculpture. The topics discussed are relevant to key, current world issues and presented in both serious and jovial ways, in the open, rarely confined to the gallery.

Commissions & exhibitions include; Victoria & Albert Museum, ICA London, British Council, Platform China Contemporary Art Institute Beijing, Medan Mara Kuala Lumpur, Tent London, London Design Festival, Fifth Third Bank USA, Shunt London.

A part of this process has been the founding of commercial and charitable arts organisations, curating and publishing.


Digital Tea, (co-founder, 2009) - Collaboration with Shroomstudio & Creatmosphere, for multi-disciplinary projects.
Audio Architecture Arts, (founder, 2006) - Outlet and gallery for promotion of innovative contemporary arts.
Din-Collective, (co-founder, 2002) - A group of over 60 sound and image artists from around the world.

Solo Exhibitions and Works

2019, My Fault - Giardini, Venice
2016, Hot Culture - Trevelyan House, Loughton, London
2014, Object Zone - NP, London
2013, Shadow Of My Soon To Be Former Self - Trumans Road, London
2012, Dalston Reflections - Dalston, London
2011, Facade Concept - Medan Mara, Kuala Lumpur
2010, Leave A Mark - Plaça dels Àngels, Barcelona
2010, Beacon - Audio Architecture Gallery, London
2009, Open For Nature - Audio Architecture Gallery, London
2008, Generative Outside Inside - Audio Architecture Gallery, London
1998, A Maze - Brunswick Building, Leeds
1995, Meander - Herbert Read Gallery, Canterbury

Group Exhibitions and Works

2019, Alive In The Universe - Venice, Palazzo Pesaro Papafava.
2013, Fifth Third Bank, Grand Rapids, USA
2013, Mapping The Present Past - TIL Gallery, London
2013, Get Culture - Queens Wood, London
2013, Re-kindle - Alexandra Palace, London
2012, Art Takes Times Square – Times Square Screens and Gallery, New York
2012, Full Rabbit – Shoreditch Town Hall Basement Vaults, London
2011, Half Rabbit - Platform China Institute of Contemporary Arts, Beijing
2011, Local Whispers - V&A Museum, London
2011, Where Things Come From - British Broadcasting Corporation
2010, Squaring of the Circle - Kvadrat, London
2009, See Sound ProjectC - Shunt Lounge, London
2009, Tent Digital 2009, London Design Week, London
2007, Dashanzi International Art Festival - 798 District, Beijing
2007, Beck's Futures (shortlist) - ICA, London
2006, Evolution Synthetica - Raphael Room, V&A Museum, London
2006, Din-Berlin - Storage, Berlin
2005, Din-Barca - The Loft, Barcelona
2005, Din-Barca - Mau Mau, Barcelona
2004, Stream - Bishopsgate, London
2004, Din-Barca - Casa Paco, Barcelona
2004, Sud Electronic - The City Arts & Music Project, London
2003, Din-NY - Galapagos, Brooklyn
2003, Din-NY - Tonic, New York
2003, Din-Barca 2003 - Casa Paco, Barcelona
2002, Round at Cube - Casa Paco, Barcelona
1999, Fusion – Brunswick Building, Leeds

Permanent Constructions and Installations

Cardinal Place Canopy - Westminster, London
Qube - Tottenham Court Road, London
Waldorf Hotel - Aldwich, London
In Out Club - Picadilly, London
Greenwich Millenium Village - Greenwich, London
Pod Hotel - Bath Road, Heathrow
Berkhamsted Town Hall – High Street, Berkhamsted
St. Albans Cathedral and Refectory - Verulamium, St. Albans
Welcome Foundation - Dartford
President Furniture, Dunstable


Full Rabbit - Shoreditch Town Hall Basement Vaults, London. (Sole curator)
Half Rabbit - Platform China, Institute of Contemporary Arts, Beijing. (Sole curator)
My Head In Your Clouds - Exposure Gallery, London. (Co-curator with Chris Moon)
Din-London 2009 - Din-London, Shunt Lounge. (Co-curator with Serena Bobowski & Messaoud Benramdam)
Din-Berlin 2006 - Din-Berlin, Storage. (Sole curator)
Din-Barca 2005 - Din-Barcelona, Sonar Week. (Sole curator)
Din-London 2005 - Din-London, Bardens Boudoir. (Sole curator)
Din-NY 2004 - Din-NY, Tonic & Galapagos. (Co-Curator with Adam Sloan & Jacky Wax)
Din-Barca 2004 - Din-Barcelona, Sonar Week. (Co-Curator with Adam Sloan)

Publications - audio CD

Testing The Wheel album (AARCH-005) - Audio CD with accompanying booklet of visual experiments.
Testing the Wheel EP (AARCH-001) - Limited Edition of 400 hand drawn and printed audio CD and sleeve.

Publications - printed

Contemporary Lighting Design Within Public Space - Tokyo, NY, San Francisco, KL & Dubai, with interview from Howard Brandston.
Neural Nets Within Architecture - A theoretical paper looking at buildings and public spaces as organisms, able to react to and adapt to local environment using A.I.

Publications - forthcoming

V&A Evolution Synthetica Performance - DVD (Third Ear).
See Sound Tests DVD - ProjectC Lissajous tests (Audio Architecture).
Form, Colour & Time - The paper analyses the inner dynamics of visual form, colour and time in relation to our perception of sound.


Extensive practice drawing and painting and keen interest in art, local environment and the collecting of objects from a young age resulted in yearly art awards and art scholarship. Studied art and architecture at KIAD (Kent Institute Of Art And Design), Canterbury, then Leeds Metropolitan University. Following this, practiced architecture for eight years alongside fine art. Restrictions of architecture stimulated the search for new ways of presenting ideas, so during that time much artwork involved new technologies with a particular focus on sound. In 2002 co-founded Din-Collective, which grew to involve over 60 international artists by the time the reins were handed over in 2006. Later in 2006 founded Audio Architecture Arts ( to help promote new-media art as it was ill-represented at that time. Since 2002 EEC's own work has has been about creating new experiences for the viewer, listener or user. Sometimes involving computer synthesis techniques and code taking input from the surroundings to then processes and translate that visual and aural data. Recent work makes use of all mediums in an effort to question changes in our society and environment.